LED therapy

LED therapy is the future of skin care

If you follow the news of celebrities on “Instagram”, then you will probably see a picture of LED therapy, and the popularity and popularity of this treatment that has spread over the past few years is due to the fact that it promises to fight acne and age signs using light technology, and with the spread of advanced devices Available in the market, this aesthetic treatment has become the most fashionable these days, so that all beauty lovers and those looking for permanent youth desperately want to try it.

But what is this technique and what is this treatment?

LED is a convention that means a diode that emits light rays, and works by emitting infrared rays of various lengths, which produces heat with various benefits for skin care. Yellow light stimulates the activity of collagen and elastin. Red light is usually used to stimulate blood circulation, which speeds up the process of cell repair. Damaged and stimulate collagen production and shrink broad pores, white light penetrates deep into the skin and works to tighten skin and reduce inflammation, while blue light kills bacteria that cause blisters, and provides effective treatment for black and white heads.
LED treatments are painless, non-invasive, and do not take long to complete the healing process, and many experts have declared that these lights are great for people who want natural treatments for their skin. This type of treatment restores fullness to the face and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines of “crow man” around the eyes, that is, it is great for targeting specific areas that are difficult to reach when treatment with “Botox”, and the serums that need injection.
And the LED light alone can stimulate the activity of specific cells and improve some skin conditions, and this technique can improve its results if it is done with the use of a gel to absorb the light, allowing the LED light to penetrate deeper under the skin.

Home solutions:

Many brands have begun to offer a lot of LED treatment systems so that you can treat these skin problems yourself at home, and it is most popular and demanding, treatments through fumigation devices and sprays that contain the feature of LED lighting in yellow and that work with nanotechnology, where this technology works To target pimples and blackheads, help the skin absorb all active ingredients and stimulate cellular regeneration.

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Office chairs

The best office and medical chairs that keep you comfortable and focused at work

If you work like us in a job that requires you to sit for eight hours or more each day, you need a good desk chair. Our spines were not created to withstand hours of sitting, but we usually work until late and even eat our food on the desk. Sitting for long periods of time may increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also cause neck, back, and joint pain, spinal curvature and other problems.

Investing in a better office chair can protect you from these problems. The best office chairs have special advantages such as lumbar support, adjustable designs, and they allow breathing through them because of their mesh design. Usually, these features are expensive and shocking when you see them, so we also consider trying to minimize expenses and trying to provide several budget-friendly options. Read on to see our selection of the best office chairs you deserve.

SPACE Seating Professional Dark AirGrid Managers Office Chair

Generally better
While it may be nice to buy an expensive desk chair that is about the same cost as your computer, sometimes spending is not lavishly practical.
The AirGrid is a comfortable choice for those who spend several hours at their desks.
Its mesh material allows cooling, has a lumbar support system and features adjustable arms.
The chair comes in two types, a reasonably priced type of mesh material, and a type of leather.

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AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

Best for budget
For those who work from home and have a limited budget, we recommend this affordable chair from Amazon, while not the most comfortable chair, but it is adjustable, easy to beautify, and cost less than a hundred dollars. The faux leather offers a soft touch that the most expensive types of mesh lack. It slides easily on the floor and features padded armrests for comfortable typing.
If you don’t prefer the skin, or if you feel hot easily, Amazon offers a similar style but a mesh back that provides more ventilation to cool you down.

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Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

The best for luxury
If you have a lot of money and want the best chair you can buy with money, you can’t make a mistake by choosing Herman Miller Aeron.
It is a highly adjustable chair that is not only comfortable, but also features an ergonomic design.
The mesh material allows breathability and pushes you to sit properly. It also comes with a 12-year warranty.

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Flash Furniture High Back Black Mesh 

The best in terms of ergonomic design
An ergonomic chair can make wonders for back pain. This chair supports your body during long sitting periods and helps prevent pain. It features a rear design that encourages proper seating and stimulates circulation.
The chair has a support system for the lumbar bone, and features an adjustable headrest to adjust to support your head as it suits you.
We also admire the possibility of lifting the cushions for an armchair, without having to bother removing it from the chair.
If you are looking for an ergonomic chair with a reasonable price to get rid of back pain, this is the best choice for you.

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BestOffice Ergonomic High Back Leather Office Chair

Best CEO Chair
Another affordable option, this BestOffice executive chair offers excellent comfort, padded armrests, and easy installation. The chair holds up to 250 lbs and is moving effortlessly. But it tends as well.
The only disadvantage that bothered us is that the chair lacks the support of cotton greatness, as it is made of faux leather, but at the price of $ 80, it is an irreplaceable deal! You can choose from black, brown, and white leather.

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Herman Miller Sayl Office Chair

Best for a modern office
The Sayl chair uses engineering concepts to build bridges as an example, and its stunning design is inspired by San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. As you can expect from any Herman Miller chair, the ergonomic chair is designed to support your back.
We like it in the chair that it is more affordable than other models of the same brand, but our only complaint is that it is not sufficiently adjustable. Regardless, it is a comfortable future choice that will certainly open the door to talk.

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Furmax Gaming Office Chair

Best for gamers
If you are a video gaming enthusiast and would like to improve your gaming room, consider this racing chair-like office chair.
The faux leather is available in several colors to suit your office and computer.
It also features a distinctive backrest to support the neck and spine, and a tilt system to enable it to swing.
It has an adjustable design for maximum comfort.

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Flash Furniture Mid-Back Armless Black Chair

The best armchair
If you have a desk that doesn’t allow long chairs or armrests, this stylish chair will be suitable for sliding under any desk.
The lack of arms means you can sit upside down.
We are very impressed with the simple design of the chair. It comes in black or white leather and comes with a coat hanger in the back.

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Elecwish Drafting Stool Office Chair

Best for high offices
Although a standing office chair is contrary to the concept of a standing office, sometimes you need to rest your knees for short periods of time. This wheelchair will be useful in some situations. Because let’s be honest, how can you do any work while you are hanging in a wheel, while trying to write on the desk of your naturally sized chair?
This chair has a mesh design from the back to allow breathing, up to 36 inches long.
His arms bend back, he has a comfortable footrest, and is very fun to wear in circles.

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skin care

Ways of skin care daily: 12 steps to take care of it and maintain its freshness

Skin care is a necessity that should not leave the daily routine of each woman. Unlike the body, facial skin is more exposed to external factors such as sunlight, wind and other such factors that the skin is in direct contact with them.

Some women only clean the skin daily in the morning and evening, and although it is a healthy step and useful, but it alone is not enough to give you freshness and openness necessary. The nature of the skin, especially the regeneration of cells and secretions, imposes the need to adopt an effective daily routine to balance mental secretions, lighten the skin, and remove dead cells.

Steps of skin care vary from woman to woman of course depending on the type of skin (mental, dry, sensitive, mixed), and according to the opinion of experts in the field, there are 12 steps to be included in the daily care routine, because of its great importance in protecting the skin and give it freshness.

The stage of determining the skin type

Before adopting any skin care routine, it is important to know your skin type, to avoid the consequences of using a cream or cleanser that is not compatible with your skin type.
Know your skin type and make sure you buy the right creams and cleansers.

The skin type is classified into three types: oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. There is a fourth type mixed between oily and dry.

cleaning the skin

The skin care routine starts with a facial cleansing process, wash the face with warm water to open the pores, then use a facial cleanser appropriate for your skin type.
Clean your face gently with circular motions for 50 seconds.Knowing that some detergents prefer to leave for a minute or two for better results, wash off with cold water thoroughly.

Apply Toner to the skin

After cleansing the skin and drying it out of the water with a clean, soft towel, apply a toner.This will help the cleanser complete and remove impurities that remain on the skin, as most detergents contain ingredients such as oil, preferably while applying toner to avoid eye area.

Moisturizing skin

After the toner dries, take a small amount of moisturizing cream and apply it gently and in circular motions.This step is important in perfect skin care, giving it moisture and making it healthier and refreshed.

Peeling skin

As part of daily skin care, peeling the skin is a must and is recommended to do twice a week, because daily peeling will hurt the pores more, apply the scrub and rub the sides of the nose, forehead and chin thoroughly. This step will help get rid of dead cells.


After cleaning and exfoliating comes the role of the mask of the skin (mask) or face mask, in this regard, there are many products of skin masks, and can be satisfied with the preparation of the mask at home using natural ingredients, provided that the duration of leave on the skin does not exceed 15 minutes.

Avoid scratching facial skin

No matter how itchy, resisting the urge to scratch your skin is good for your skin.Rubbing or touching the skin with a clean, dry towel over and over again is a frequent cause of bacteria build-up.

Avoid squeezing pimples

There is no doubt that the presence of pimples in the skin of the face is very annoying, pushes Ms. subconsciously to pressure it by hand trying to remove it, but this is preferable to avoid completely, as it leaves dark marks and signs that are difficult to remove from the skin, so it is advisable to avoid pressure on the pimples with your hands Your hands are clean!

Use appropriate care products

When you use products that suit your skin type for one or two months, without getting the desired result, you must change to another brand.
Do not bind yourself to products that do not give the necessary addition to your skin.

Drink large amounts of water

You may wonder what drinking water has entered in skin care.Answer is that drinking plenty of water protects the facial skin from sagging and reduces the appearance of pimples and acne.Drinking water helps to expel toxins.All these functions will lead to a fresh and refreshed skin.

Apply sunscreen

Medically and aesthetically, it is highly recommended to apply sunscreen on sunny summer days for all skin types, in order to give full care and protection from the sun’s rays that cause tanning of the skin, and lead to the emergence of dark signs difficult to disappear.

Remove makeup before bed

Sleeping with makeup, so if you’re looking for perfect skin care, don’t forget to remove makeup before you go to bed.
It is true that some days you may get tired and tired of the day and removing makeup is the last thing you think of, but make sure your skin will thank you for doing so!

Apply a spray to the skin

To pamper the skin and give it a glow and a refreshing double stratified natural spray, can be made at home and natural ingredients, a chamomile and mint spray where you need a spoon of dry chamomile flowers, a spoon of dried mint leaves, and two cups of water, leave the ingredients to boil for 15 minutes and leave for 10 minutes Drain the mixture and keep it in a spray bottle in the refrigerator for a day, and then be ready for use.
Keeping these steps in your daily life will save you from many problems that may be difficult to get rid of or prolonged treatment.

And don’t forget that caring for your skin and pampering should be a habit that does not leave your day, and not a reaction to skin problems caused by neglect.!

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أفضل أنواع المساج للإسترخاء

The Best Types of Massage to Relax

There are some types of massages that are more relaxing and relaxing than others. If your goal is to relax, you need to know the best massage options for you. Here is the best massage to relax.

The best types of massage to relax

Swedish massage

The most common type of massage therapy, Swedish massage will help relax with a range of specific movements including: kneading muscles, long strokes, and friction.

Massage is likely to start with long strokes and end with the same movement. Muscle kneading will be used all the time to help relieve muscle tension, while friction with fingertips and thumb may be used if the muscles require deeper pressure. Swedish massage is great for relaxing the entire body and can be very good For those trying to heal from injuries.

Hot stone massage

Another very relaxing type of massage is a hot stone massage. This type of massage involves placing hot smooth stones at specific points on the back, while a massage therapist provides relaxation with specific techniques that are likely to use stones to help massage.

 Hot stone massage is mainly used for relaxation, but it will also be more invigorating than Swedish massage. Heat will help relieve stress in your shoulders and in your back, while massage helps to relax the entire body.

Massage chair

You may have seen them in shopping malls and even trade shows, a massage chair is a great way to get a relaxing massage if you don’t have a lot of time, usually a 10 or 15minute massage, but it can be longer.

You will not need to take off any clothes and oils are not part of this type of massage, however it will not be used to relax the entire body, as the main focus will be on the upper body, this option is often less expensive for a comfortable massage.

Massage with essential oils

Swedish massage with scented essential oils provides a very relaxing massage option, the right combination of oils will help you relax your entire body while you are massaged. You may be able to order the type of oils used, as some will relax the body, while others will help to energize you.

Aromatherapy massage can be useful for those with gastrointestinal disorders, premenstrual symptoms, back pain, headaches or even insomnia. It is very comfortable, but you should make sure that you are not allergic to the oils used, as it can cause a reaction to the skin.

Other types of massage can also be considered comfortable, but these are the main options in the relaxation category, if you are new to massage therapy or just want to make sure you

choose a massage that will help relax your body, Swedish massage, stone massage, massage chair or massage Aromatic will provide you with what you need.

Benefits of massage

Massage is generally considered part of complementary and integrative medicine, increasingly offered with standard therapy for a wide range of medical conditions, and studies have proven the benefits of massage as an effective treatment to reduce tension, pain and muscle tension.

While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of massage, some studies have found that massage may also be useful for:

  • Anxiety.
  • digestion dysfunction.
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headache.
  • Insomnia associated with stress.
  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • Sports injuries.
  • TMJ pain.

In addition to the benefits of certain conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often results in feelings of rest and relaxation, but despite its benefits, massage is not a substitute for regular medical care, tell your doctor that you are getting a massage and make sure you follow any treatment plans Your record.

Dangers of massage

Most people can benefit from massage, however massage may not be appropriate if a person has the following:

  • Bleeding disorders or taking blood thinning medications.
  • Burns or wound healing.
  • Deep vein thrombosis.
  • Fractions.
  • Acute osteoarthritis.
  • Severe thrombocytopenia

Talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of massage, especially if you have cancer, unknown pain, or are pregnant. It should be noted that some forms of massage can make you feel pain the next day, but massage should not usually be painful or uncomfortable, if it is Any part of your massage doesn’t make you feel comfortable. It happens right away. The most serious problems come from a lot of stress during the massage.

The benefits of a massage chair

The Benefits of a Massage Chair

Massage chairs have more benefits than relaxation, as studies continue to prove the physical and psychological benefits of a single massage and as the number of medical benefits increases, more people turn to massage chairs for a more balanced lifestyle.

The benefits of a massage chair

Relieves stress

Stress affects not only your mental health, but has a physiological effect on your health as well. Blood pressure, stress relief is the key to achieving a healthy lifestyle, as a single massage can significantly reduce heart rate, cortisol levels and insulin, all helping to reduce daily stress

Adjust and align the spine and reduce the pressure on the nerves

The chair reduces pressure on the spine by supporting the back in a horizontal position, and the main nerves extend through the vertebrae to the peripheral areas of the body including the hands, feet, fingers and toes, tension in the spine or non-skewed vertebrae can compress the nerves As the muscles that support the vertebrae relax, the spine lengthens and the vertebrae resume normal alignment.

Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause more trouble than any other medical condition, but one effective way to avoid high blood pressure is to get a massage in the massage chair.

Stimulates the body’s secretion of endorphins

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that help reduce pain and reduce the effects of stress. Endorphins create a relaxed feeling and boost the immune response. Studies have shown that massage leads to better endorphins

Relieves stress on muscles

If you have neck pain or muscle pain, your chances are that you are sitting every day in the office causing this trouble, and a session of massage can shift the feeling of persistent pain by relieving strained muscles

Improves blood circulation

Improved blood circulation promotes healing, as blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs and removes toxins, can constrain strained and strained muscles blood flow, and by relaxing muscles, blood can flow to tissues and organs, as well as May reports Clinique has shown that some studies suggest that the immune system is enhanced by massage, as well as the result of massage therapy the movement of blood through the tense areas of the body, and this causes the new blood flow, and improve blood circulation leading to improved body function

Improves flexibility and range of motion

As you age, the joints tend to tighten and stiff, making the range of motion more restrictive, and massage helps keep joints smoother, making you more flexible and less susceptible to injury

Promotes relaxation

Massage chairs not only relieve pain and aches, but can help relax and reduce stress, and using a massage chair can have a positive effect on physical and mental health.

uCoin Massage Chair

ARES uCoin massage chair it is one of the best commercial massage chairs and is very durable vending and coin operated massage chair, uCoin Massage presents humanistic and an overall enjoyable massage that can be put in any public area like airports, malls, clubs, beauty salons, fitness centers and others. This full featured commercial massage chair provides time-tested massage techniques including Shiatsu, Kneading and Synchronized motions for an all-inclusive massage experience, the rich leather in the chair provides the perfect combination of luxury and durability to ensure the longevity of your massage chair.

iSee4 Wireless Eye Massager

The iSee4 is extremely comfortable, it is the top of the line of portable eye massagers, it is also 180° foldable to aid in the portability and storage. The iSee4 Massager adopts intelligent air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology. iSee4 also comes with a built-in music player with pre-recorded nature sounds to further relax you.


Breo iSee 4 Wireless Eye Massager

140.00 JOD

The iSee4 is extremely comfortable, it is the top of the line of portable eye massagers, it is also 180° foldable to aid in the portability and storage. The iSee4 Massager adopts intelligent air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology. iSee4 also comes with a built-in music player with pre-recorded nature sounds to further relax you.

In stock

SKU: BR-iSee4 Category:


The iSee4 is extremely comfortable, it is the top of the line of portable eye massagers, it is also 180° foldable to aid in the portability and storage. The iSee4 Massager adopts intelligent air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology. iSee4 also comes with a built-in music player with pre-recorded nature sounds to further relax you.

Design Concept

iSee 4 wireless massager was built with the help of professional designers it the way that is absolutely simple, beautiful and easy to use.


Virtual Hand Massage

With the new virtual hand massaging technology in iSee4 you can massage your eyes with 3 different massage modes, the iSee4 is designed to relax the muscles around the eyes.

Warm Compress

Warmth may relieve pain, relax muscle spasms, increase blood circulation, and help other problems that affect the eye.

(Low 35C – 38C / High 39C – 42C).

Intelligent Air Pressure

Air bags inflates and deflates repeatedly that helps to get rid of dark circles.

Multi-Vibration Frequency

iSee4 Massager comes with three vibration frequencies that are designed to relax the muscles around eyes at your own preference.

HF Magnetic Field

The high frequent magnet field helps to boost your metabolism and stay energetic.

Built-in Music

Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on your mind and body. That is slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.

After watching TV

We recommend to use iSee4 massager every time after watching TV for healthier eyes.

Before sleep

We recommend to use iSee4 massager every night before sleep. Enjoy the relax feeling and music for better sleep.

After reading

We recommend to use iSee4 after reading. Rest a bit and reduce puffiness of tired eyes.

In the office

We recommend to use iSee4 massager after computer work for preventing computer eye strain.

Enjoy when traveling

This super light and foldable iSee4 even when traveling. That helps avoiding fatigue from travel and makes you see the world better.

Additional information

Additional information

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Dimensions 9 × 5.5 × 4.5 cm

Free 2 Year Warranty

Model number



5V 1A

Power consumption


Auto timer

15 minutes

Delivery Policy
Delivery Charges
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– all massage chairs and massage sofas (only in Jordan)
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Note: Delivery will be made any time before 6pm. However any special delivery request such as a specific delivery timeslot will be subjected to an additional fee of $20.

Delivery Schedule
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