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ARES iComfort Massage Chair

1,300.00 JOD
ARES iComfort Massage Chair is perfectly designed and ergonomic so you can enjoy multi-functional full-body therapeutic massage technologies with high-quality acoustic technology that gives comfort and relaxation.
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ARES iPremium Massage Chair

1,890.00 JOD
ARES iPremium Massage Chair has been developed with multiple programs that meet all your needs and high-quality technical additions to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and complete treatment for all areas of the body and transport you from a world to a new world with full of health and vitality. iPremium has a stylish modern design that suits all tastes with modern colors.
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ARES uDream Massage Chair

850.00 JOD
The uDream Massage Chair from ARES gives you perfect physical therapy and health through the power of Shiatsu massage technology and completely covers you from head to foot with advanced multi-functional massage technologies to meet your comfort and relaxation needs with very easy control.
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ARES uInfinity Massage Chair

2,300.00 JOD
uInfinity Massage Chair from ARES offers you the very latest in massage technology with smart voice control technology that adds more comfort and gives you a unique experience and a high value performance that you have never felt before with any other massage chair at all. All this is a modern ultra-comfortable & smooth line design.
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iSmart Massage Chair

1,690.00 JOD
Feel the Leisure with ARES iSmart luxury Massage Chair will provide you through the unique massage and new Technology Advanced, Full body massage is available anytime in your home just in one click.
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uCoin Massage Chair

1,400.00 JOD
Massage chair uCoin from ARES is very durable vending and coin operated massage chair, uCoin Massage presents humanistic and an overall enjoyable massage that can be put in any public area like airports, malls, clubs, beauty salons, fitness centers and others.
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uStyle Massage Chair

770.00 JOD
Massage Chair uStyle from ARES is the new style of chairs that provides physical therapy through the strength of shiatsu massage, this chair increases relaxation by covering a larger area of massage from the head to the lower back through unique massage device and luxuries design to meet your comfort needs.
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